Welcome to our FAQ’s Page

  • 1. What shot records are required to secure an appointment?

    The only two shot records we require are up-to-date Rabies and Bordetella vaccines.
  • 2. Do you take all breeds?

    Yes, we take all breeds.
  • 3. Do we groom cats?

    Yes, we groom cats, but only mild-tempered cats, and only on Wednesdays.
  • 4. How do we price our services?

    We price our services by the hour, and difficulty.
  • 5. What is included in your services?

    All services include a bath and conditioner system specific for each coat type and skin need, full coat blowout, nail trim and filing, paw pad shave, sanitary shave, ear hair plucked and ears cleaned, tooth brushing and breath freshener, and spritz of doggie-safe perfume or cologne . If your baby needs a haircut the service includes everything above, plus the haircut. If your baby has long fur, but isn’t getting a body haircut the service includes everything above plus a face and feet trim.
  • 6. Do you do flea treatments?

    Yes, we do flea treatments. We can also administer flea drops at an additional cost of $20
  • 7. Are you open on weekends?

    Yes, we are open every other Saturday to accommodate those who work weekdays.
  • 8. If I need to drop my dog off earlier than the appointed time can I?

    Yes, you can. But be aware that we more than likely won’t be able to start on them until the time of their appointment.
  • 9. If I bring my dog in matted will he/she have to be shaved?

    We have a system we use to save the baby’s coat without having to shave it, but will only use that system as long as it is NOT causing the baby any pain or discomfort. If the baby can not tolerate it, then ethically we have to shave it.
  • 10. Do you express anal glands?

    Yes, we express anal glands UPON REQUEST ONLY, and is included in our bath service which comes with all services preformed here.
  • 11. Do we take aggressive animals?

    No, for safety reasons we refer all aggressive animals to be sedated and groomed at a veterinarian’s office.
  • 12. Do we take elderly animals?

    Yes, we take elderly animals. If the elderly animal requires a haircut we try to get as much done without stressing the baby out. If a full service isn’t possible we will do a “comfort groom” which consists of only the essentials like bath, nail trim, and face trim if required.
  • 13. Do you give treats?

    No, we do not because we are never fully aware of how a treat will mess with a baby’s tummy, and we don’t know if the baby has any type of food allergy.
  • 14. How long do your services take?

    Our bath servies take anywhere from 1- ½ hours. Our haircuts on small fogs take about two hours. Haircuts on large dogs or doodles take around 3 hours
  • 15. If my dog can’t tolerate a service will it still get done?

    No, we do not stress out any of the babies for the sake of a groom.
  • 16. If my dog can’t tolerate a portion of a service and it doesn’t get done will the price be reduced?

    No, the price will stay the same. We charge by the hour, not by the service.
  • 17. If I bathe my dog before bringing it in will it reduce my price?

    No, the price will stay the same. We charge by the hour, not by the services preformed.
  • 18. If the haircut I want for my dog only requires a tiny bit being taken off will my price for a haircut be reduced?

    No, all haircuts that require any length being taken off the body start at a set price.
  • 19. What happens if my pet is injured while in your care?

    If your pet is injured while in our care we will personally bring the baby to the Spurlock Veterinary Clinic in Nederland, and if any treatment is necessary the salon will pay for the bill as long as the injury was our fault.
  • 20. Do we you take walk-ins?

    We only take walk-ins if we have the availability, which isn’t often.
  • 21. Do you just do nail clipping? How long does that take?

    Yes, you can bring your baby in for just a nail trim. It usually only takes about 10 minutes.
  • 22. If I have to cancel my appointment last minute will I be charged a cancellation fee?

    No, we do not charge cancellation fees for last minute cancellations, or canceled appointments in general.
  • 23. If my pet has to be bathed in a medicated shampoo prescribed by our vet can you do it?

    Yes, we can bathe your pet in their prescribed medicated shampoo, and will be sure to return it to you at the time of pickup.
  • 24. Should I sedate my pet before his/her appointment so they’re more calm?

    No, we prefer to work on the babies unmedicated so we can monitor their stress more efficiently. Sedation makes it very difficult to properly assess the level of stress a pet us under, and often mask important stress signals the babies give us that tell us we need to stop.
  • 25. Do we brush out pets?

    Yes if possible we can get most mats out. However it's roughly 40 an hour. Sometimes they need to come back in a few days in a row.
  • 26. Do we recommend shaving pets?

    Absolutely not! Shaving down pets takes away their protection. It can also reduce their ability to control their internal temperature.
  • 27. How often should a pet get groomed?

    Actually a bath is very important for all animals and should be given every 3 weeks. Haircuts are more cosmetic and is more preference then mandatory if maintenance is done at home.
  • 28. Do you offer free brushing training for clients?

    Yes we do! They are by appointment only. It's 10 mins with a pet you bring and we walk you through the best techniques so you can do it at home!