Do's & Dont's

Do's and Don'ts For Pet Owners

  1. If the pet is matted do not wash them and let them air-dry. Avoid washing at all. Water forms the mats tighter. Air drying mats leads to the mats drying closer to the skin and makes it more painful for the animal and makes it more difficult for the groomer to handle.

  2. Do not play with the dog in ways like grabbing their legs or face to rile them up. It makes the groomer’s job a lot more difficult and could lead to behavioral issues.

  3. Do not attempt to shave out matting yourself. Mats are usually very close to the skin and shaving them yourself without proper training often leads to avoidable injuries to the pet.

  4. Do not wash your dogs with shampoo for humans. This often leads to skin problems because our shampoo is not formulated for the skin of animals and will throw off the pH balance and will cause irritation.

  5. For long fur or curly coats, you want to brush with a slicker brush. For short haired dogs you want to brush their coat with a curry/rubber brush, and only brush for 10 minutes max.

  6. For long haired dogs, you need to brush their coat and comb it AT LEAST every other day. For short haired dogs you should brush them as needed

  7. Research your pet’s food. Food allergies and cause many medical issues such as gastrointestinal discomfort, ear infections, and skin issues. By knowing what is in your dog’s food and knowing their allergies you will give your dog the correct nutrition their bodies need.