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Hi I am Brittany, the owner of Salon D.O.G. (Dedicated, outstanding, Groomers). A little backstory, when I was 16 I didn’t know much about animals. I knew I loved them. I knew I didn’t have a fear of them, however didn’t have a clue about grooming. I got a job at a pet store in 2004 & I loved it! I worked on learning everything I could about all animals. When I decided I wanted to transfer into the grooming department I thought it was going to be an easy place where I could play with puppies all day, but I was wrong! Little did I know it was hard work!

I struggled learning how to control them while also learning to earn their respect. I went to the grooming academy in 2007, and with my management, staff, and formal education I was able to learn so much. I am still learning and continue to educate myself as well as my staff.. I found that I had a passion for this! Not just for grooming, but for the fur babies in my care. I learned how to read them, respect them, and how to earn their respect. In my eyes there is no such thing as a bad pet. There is only such a thing as an untrained pet, a scared pet, or a pet in pain. I learned how to make them as comfortable as possible during the grooming process. Eventually, my vision and the vision of the company I was working for just did not align.

So, with help I was able to open my own salon. My vision for this salon is not to just groom pets, but instead to take care of precious family members. I wanted to make a place for these babies to have a spa day. When I go to a spa I feel pampered and relaxed, so why shouldn’t they? They should have a safe, clean place to have a relaxing day for themselves. I also strive to always use the best products and do what’s best for the pet. We strive for every baby that leaves this salon to leave feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than when they arrived. We are a one-on-one grooming salon with all services inclusive(with the exception of the sprucing seasonal packages that are 100% optional). No pet should be limited to the care or respect they deserve! We make connections not only with these babies but also their parents. We always strive to be and do better!

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